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Counterfy’s Mission is to help eliminate the online sale of counterfeit products into the marketplace and minimize the negative economic, social, and environmental impact on consumers and legitimate corporations.


Counterfy was founded in 2014 by a team of people in Boston, MA to establish a more effective way for consumers and businesses to protect themselves against unintended online purchases of counterfeit products.  With a fresh simplicity, Counterfy’s service is as effective as it is user-friendly... and it is always free to use.


The scary fact is, it has become increasingly challenging for consumers to make online purchases with the confidence that they will receive the authentic product they intended to buy.  Online counterfeit sales are thriving. In 2016, it is estimated that counterfeit and pirated goods, sold online, will represent a $700 billion business. In fact, nearly 8 of 10 online counterfeit purchases are made buy consumers intending to buy authentic. This is a massive problem. To the vast majority of online consumers it has become virtually impossible to detect sophisticated online counterfeiting.


This is where Counterfy can help.  Our sole purpose is to provide consumers, and legitimate businesses with a quick, simple, and effective way to determine if an Online retailer is selling legitimate or counterfeit goods.  Please try our service (we think you will be happy with what you find), and remember... "Before you buy, Counterfy!"



Our pledge to you is simple, yet powerful, as it guides our behavior each and every day.

We pledge to you that we will consistently challenge ourselves to stay ahead of counterfeit ecommerce sellers, and to find better ways of operating internally – so that you the customers and users can make online purchases with a sense of security that you will receive the correct, intended, and authentic product every time!

Counterfy, LLC

Phone: 1-408-NO FAKES

DISCLAIMER: Counterfy is intended to be used as a tool to aid in consumer information. While initial testing has demonstrated Counterfy's algorithm to be quite accurate, website systematics continue to evolve and Counterfy should never be presumed a100% fail-safe. Counterfy cannot provide a guarantee to the accuracy of the results of your particular search request. If you are the owner of a website inacurately catagorized by Counterfy, and/or have substantial reason to believe Counterfy has reached an inaccurate result in its testings, please email us at contact@counterfy.com and we will make every effort to review your claim within 48 hours of notification. Thank you.


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